Hey, I'm Emma!

I’m a Daily Success Strategiest and founder of

Woman on Fire – Succeed and Flourish.



I help ambitious women take charge of their day so that they can free up time, energy and space to achieve the things that really matter without stress, burnout or settling for less.

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Ignite Your Life

Ignite Your Life is a powerful group coaching program which will show you how to leverage smarter habits, strategies and systems so you can perform at your best no matter what life throws at you.  The program takes you through the 6 crucial steps you need to take charge of yourself and your life once and for all.  This program is perfect for you if you want the support, encouragement and accountability of a group atmosphere and the structure of a easy to understand, step-by-step process.

1:1 Coaching

It's tough to find that balance between work, family, friends and 'me time'.  And what does that even look like anyway?  My highly-customised 1:1 coaching program will show you how to master YOURSELF (thoughts, actions, emotions, behaviours) so you can master your life.  This program is perfect for you if you want to nail down EXACTLY what's important so you can simplify, prioritise and accomplish your goals without burnout, resentment and crazy sacrifice.

VIP Intensive

You've done well to get where you are but things still aren't quite right in your inner or outer world.  You need some fast help, a different perspective and new tools to help you solve some pressing issues.  The Woman on Fire half day VIP Intensive will help you quickly map out a practical plan to help you quickly get more organised, productive and crystal-clear about your future direction.  This program is for you if you need a kickstart to get you going and support to flesh out the best next steps for you.

What People Are Saying

I could not recommend working with Emma more. Working with her has literally completely changed my professional and personal life. I have let go of overwhelm, healed my relationships with my children and am now able to speak about my coaching business with complete confidence. I have overcome and shifted a multitude of personal and professional habits in the three months I have been working with Emma. In fact I am so impressed by the shifts I have made working with Emma I have signed on for another program with her and plan to continue to work with her on a regular basis. Do yourself a favor and work with her, so you can choose to live your best life.

Melissa Boher Jacobson

Singing Coach, Melissaboherjacobson.com

It was a hard thing to take that leap and say I needed to work with Emma for 6 months to really get some change and turn things around for myself, but for me it’s been absolutely worth it. And I’m sure my husband would agree.  He has a better wife and my kids have a better mum too because of it. Emma narrows in on the consistently important themes across all of our lives, highlighting how our choices and actions shape our lives whether at home, the office, or with our loved ones. Importantly, Emma’s approach is holistic, meaning I’m gaining wisdom, clarity, direction, and momentum across all aspects of my life as she guides and challenges me.  Personally, Emma  enabled me to find my own compass. Her practical strategies help me to take the steps forward I need, with clear direction and focus.



Without working with Emma I would not be where I am today.  I would not be one third of the way through my MBA.  Heck!  I wouldn’t have even started it!  Emma gave me back my life the first time round.  This time round, Emma has given me a growing sense of purpose and a growing sense of clarity of my life.  I know that I will never stop learning and improving.  And I know that there will be a time once more in the future when I will need to call upon Emma again to help me along in my journey…and I know that she will be able to take me up that next step.


Seona Roberts

Western Australia


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