I’ll be honest.  The first half of this year hasn’t been stellar for me.  I’ve been off my game and not exactly enthusiastic about life.

A few months ago I decided I needed to light a fire under my feet and get back on form.

And as I looked around my community I saw that many of my Women on Fire needed a good reality check and dose of motivation too.

And so 30 Days of Heat was born – daily prompts to get you into serious action for serious success.

Since we’re about halfway through I decided it might be a good idea to collect the daily prompts all in one place.

You can read them all below – you just need to request membership to my Facebook Group if you are not a member already.

I’ll keep updating this post with the rest of the prompts until we’re done!

BTW – if you’re ready to take action to create more fulfilling daily success in your life, now is the time to book a Light Your Spark Strategy session with me. Click here to grab your spot!

Day 1The Woman on Fire Manifesto

Day 2 – No Excuses!

Day 3 – Are you mindful or mindless in creating success?

Day 4 – Your call to arms.

Day 5 – Invest in yourself unapologetically.

Day 6 –  Schedule your priorities.

Day 7 –  How do you want to be remembered?

Day 8 – Stop being a control freak

Day 9 – Success lies in the moment

Day 10 –  You don’t trust yourself to take action

Day 11 – Leadership starts with you.

Day 12 – The unknown will never let you down

Day 13 – Always and never.

Day 14 – 5 ways to focus

Day 15 – Tell them to SHOVE IT

Day 16 –  Evil choices

Day 17 – Comfort v challenge

Day 18 –  Stop looking for fast, cheap and easy.

Day 19 – What do you need to minimise?

Day 20 – Make today the best day

Day  21 – Lessons learned

Day 22 – Client success story in her own words!

Day 23 – Strip away the unnecessary

Day 24 – Create success on your terms

Day 25 – Don’t lose hope!

Day 26 – Get curious!

Day 27 – Mastery lives atop a mountain of mistakes

Day 28 –  High ambition isn’t enough!

Day 29 –  Escaping your life v changing it.

Day 30 –  The ‘type’ of person made for success.

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