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The real war you’re fighting

The biggest barrier to your success is your own inertia Yep. It's that simple. You might believe otherwise. And I know you're gonna try and tell me otherwise. And it's easy to get fooled because of your circumstances. And so you go to war on the circumstances. Don't...

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Don’t fall for it

Knowing that you don't know how to do something you really want to do kinda sucks. (in official speak it's called being consciously unskilled). This is where this little guy is at after a long overdue transition from a balance bike (my fault for being slack) to this...

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I’m calling you out, and IN

Today I did a livestream on Facebook where I spoke openly about how I undermined my own success this year, why the work I do matters so much to me and why it should matter to you to. You can watch the video here or simply read the transcript below. I'm being honest...

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