Knowing that you don’t know how to do something you really want to do kinda sucks. (in official speak it’s called being consciously unskilled).

This is where this little guy is at after a long overdue transition from a balance bike (my fault for being slack) to this awesome machine.

So much frustration!

It’s at this point that patience, persistence and grit is required not to throw a tanty, say it’s all too hard, give up and go back to the safe, familiar balance bike.

Because being aware that we can’t do something is painful.

And it can bring up all kinds of shame and feelings of unworthiness.

It’s funny isn’t it, that when we learn to walk, roll over or even hold a spoon we don’t feel this kind of shame or defeat that we’re somehow less than, do we?

It’s just all part of the BS conditioning that gets piled on us for all kinds of reasons as we grow older and want to fit in and be “good enough” and all that.

Fortunately, we all have the power during these frustrating times in life to make a choice.

The choice to keep going.

The choice to be curious and experimental.

The choice to seek help.

The choice not to take it personally as a measure of our worth.

The choice to become more resilient.

The choice to believe that our potential and ability is not fixed.

The thing is it takes PRACTICE to leverage these choices.

And in my experience, most of the time people can’t be bothered practicing these choices because they are under the delusion that life should always be convenient, fast, cheap and easy. That life somehow OWES YOU.

Fuck that.

I’d rather choose to pursue hard goals, take positive risks, dig deeper, go further and to do something significant, and expect nothing.

And if it doesn’t work out – I also choose to practice self-compassion and to not take shit personally because I cultivate grit and resilience.

And I teach my kids that exact ethos every day through leading by example.

Fast, cheap, easy, average, convenient, safe, normal is the BANE of society.

Don’t fall for it.

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