For the ambitious woman who's lost direction & feels stretched way to thin...
What if you could get your spark back & take charge of your day with clarity, confidence & purpose instead of letting life happen to you?
Anyone looking at you probably thinks you're 'on top of it'.

And on the surface, you are.

You've got the kids' schedules organised, you're reliable at work, and you're always around to help friends and family.

On the outside you look 'successful', but on the inside you feel far from it.

In fact, you feel seriously out of wack (and often on the brink of tears) as you struggle to actually BE PRESENT.

You've worked really hard to get where you 'should' be, so how come you feel so lost about what's next for you?

You're totally confused about whether you need to slow down, get more 'balance' (whatever that means), find more time, or schedule better.  

And you're starting to question just how much longer you can keep up the pace.

While you're trapped on the treadmill of daily demands and weekend commitments you're wondering what happened to fun downtime for you, quality family moments & time and space for fulfilling pursuits beyond work. 
#Truthbomb:  What's out of balance is YOU.
That's right.  What's out of balance is what's going on inside you.  I know you know this, because you FEEL it.  And if you ignore what you're feeling the problem won't go away!  All that will happen is that you'll continue down the road of burnout, dissatisfaction, mood-swings, resentment, perpetual crankiness at the kids, self-doubt, AND no downtime or fun BY DEFAULT!  Do really want to make that choice?
Hey!  I'm Emma O'Sullivan.  I'm a Daily Success Strategist for ambitious but frustrated women just like you who want to better leverage your time & energy so you can focus on what really matters & create a productive and purposeful life that works on your terms.
Q. Are you secretly dreading another weekend rushing between kids' activities (and secretly appalled at yourself for feeling this way)?

A Yes!

Q Do you vow every Monday that this will be the week you'll start some alcohol free days, only to find yourself zoning out with a glass in front of trashy TV & your FB feed after the house has finally gone quiet?

A Yes!

Q Is your mind saying one thing & your heart another about how you really want life to be but you're totally unsure about how to move forward?

A Yes! 

Q Are you yearning to aspire to what you're truly capable of, but scared to death to make some decisions and take the leap?

A Yes!
Are you ready to be true to yourself, find lasting contentment and unleash your authentic potential (without falling short or burning out at work or home)?
Welcome To.....
"Working with her has literally completely changed my professional and personal life. I have let go of overwhelm, healed my relationships with my children and am now able to speak about my coaching business with complete confidence. I have overcome and shifted a multitude of personal and professional habits in the three months I have been working with Emma. Do yourself a favour and work with her, so you can choose to live your best life. "
Melissa Boher Jacobson, Singing Coach, Florida
What you get as a student of the program...
  • Six expertly created and presented modules to walk you through the Ignite Your Life transformational process, available forever for you in an easy-to-use membership site. 
  •  Six LIVE calls with me and your fellow women on a mission to receive support, guidance, coaching, accountability & a safe space to transform.
  •  Exclusive access to the program Facebook page so you can ask questions and get help working through the materials. 
  •  A BONUS 1:1 coaching call with ME just for enrolling!!
I used to be constantly overwhelmed and panicked about what I had to do each day and week and then either paralysed and not doing anything or completely working excessive hours unproductively. I was uncentred and ungrounded and always trying to hide what I was really feeling. I now have clearer areas of focus, control over my vision for myself and confidence to say NO and cut things that aren’t working for me out of my life and balance the difficult stuff with more insight THANKS EMMA! Robyn, Sydney 
"Before I started working with Emma my biggest issue was overwhelm. With Emma’s coaching I now handle the day to day stuff so much better and when I do have challenging days, I bounce back so much faster thanks to the different tools and strategies I now have at my disposal. I feel that I’m a better mother and wife. I am excited about starting my own business and am in the process of making that a reality, something I didn’t actually believe was possible before this. I feel like a Woman on Fire! "
Megan, Newcastle 

"Prior to working with Emma I was feeling very disconnected and that life was happening around me and I had no control over what was happening. I realised I had lost myself. Now since working with Emma, my confidence has increased, my ability to cope with change has increased and I feel far happier in my day-to-day. I have a vision for how I would like my life to be and this has shaped a lot of changes in my life."
Rachael, Brisbane

"But wait...I'm not sure if I can do/afford this, Emma."
As a mother of 2 small kids feeling the crunch of mid-life in more ways than one I really do understand and SEE where you are coming from.  

What I've also SEEN is the huge transformation this process has had for me and the women I've taken it through.  

Sure, you have to spend some money and energy up front, but the return on investment is exponential beyond just what you paid for it.  (Think improved family relationships, no more inner angst that cripples you daily, actually achieving the right things at the right time for the right reason). 

You KNOW things don't feel right and aren't working well.  Doing nothing is only going to make it worse and you will have frittered away more time to do something about it. 

And if the thought of getting vulnerable with people you don't yet know freaks you out, it's the very thing you need to do.  (Of course I ensure it's a safe space at all times.) 

If you've got time to flick through your FB feed you have time to do this program.

If you can afford to eat out, you can afford to do this program. 

And don't believe that pang of guilt that tries to tell you it's selfish to put yourself first and spend money on yourself.   This is a true investment in the lives of everyone you care about but it has to START WITH YOU!
When does the program start and finish?
September 17 2018 for 12 weeks.  Each week we alternate between a teaching module and participation in a live coaching call.  Coaching calls will be on Wednesday evenings and will be recorded.
How much is it?
I'll run you through the price when we're in conversation together.  Book that call now lady!
How long do I get access to materials for?
How many women will be on the program?
Approx 10. 
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